Amanda Horne is an executive coach and facilitator in Australia, with over 25 years of corporate experience, specialising in helping people to bring the best out in themselves, in others and in their organisations.  She delights in helping them in their quest to create thriving people and workplaces. For many years Amanda has been studying Positive Psychology, Positive Organizational Scholarship, Positive Organizational Behavior and Appreciative Inquiry. The synthesis and practical application of these fields has resulted in employees, teams and leaders enthusiastically bringing some humanity back into their organisations.  (www.amandahorne.com.au)


Amanda C E Levy, previously a partner in Andros Consultants is the founder of Positive Workplace International (PWI), a dynamic group of seasoned business professionals who are focused on helping organizations establish and maintain workplaces where individuals flourish so the organization can thrive, realizing its vision and surpassing its mission. Amanda is an exceptional facilitator and coach, a compelling speaker and persuasive writer, who can reach and influence even the most demanding audience. (www.positiveworkplace.com)


Education Advisor and writer Jenny Fox Eades MA, PGCE, DipTh, has a passion for helping schools, teachers, and students flourish.  She trained as a special needs teacher, did her Masters in child and adolescent mental health, and since 2004 has used her masterful story telling abilities applying positive psychology within schools. Author of three books and Associate member of The Centre for Applied Positive Psychology (UK), Jenny currently devotes much of her time running training days and master classes on celebrating strengths in schools and building strengths based communities.  (www.celeratingstrengths.com )


JoAnna Brandi.  Since 1990  JoAnna has been helping to create positive customer-caring companies that thrive – where employees are motivated, customers are loyal and competitors are nervous.  JoAnna is the publisher of the Customer Care Coach ® leadership training, and Monday Morning Motivation, has written two books on customer loyalty, as well as the illustrated gift book “54 Ways to Stay Positive in a Changing, Challenging and Sometimes Negative World.” More recently JoAnna has been busy linking positivity with profitability through customer and employee loyalty.


Margaret Wilkinson Ph.D.  Margaret’s original work within a large cardiology hospital and, more specifically, her involvement in a project to help reduce heart disease in 3,000 West Coast Type A executives lead her to observe that “it was as though they had had a “soul attack”, not a heart attack.”  Margaret’s career as a coach evolved as she helped her clients integrate their desire to thrive at work with their need to live a healthy, meaningful, and happy life.  Today, Margaret’s coaching practice focuses on developing positive value in people and organizations, one heart at a time.  (www.mwilkinsoncoach.com )

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